English Language Jobs in the Netherlands

There are lots of jobs for expats in the Netherlands. Many reasons for this factor. Some include the benefits of Brexit bringing more jobs from London to Amsterdam. This has made Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands the natural choice for people from across Europe looking for English-language jobs. The message in the Netherlands is that everyone is welcome if they have the skills.

Meanwhile, moving to the UK is no longer an option for most of us. Secondly, the Netherlands is a very open society with a long history of being a centre for trading. Finally, the economy is strong, with many international companies offering English-language jobs. Given the high level of English language skills in the Netherlands, it is unsurprising that Amsterdam has become an ideal place for people seeking expat jobs.

Job Search in the Netherlands

Finding expat work should be accessible in the Netherlands. There is a large variety of foreign and multinational organizations, especially if you have the credentials many Dutch companies seek. Additionally, expats can find jobs in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Breda and many more places. So whether you are a recent graduate or a highly skilled immigrant, there will be a job for you.

Once you have identified a position that seems ideal, you must prepare your application. A Dutch CV should begin with your contact information before listing your employment histories, including any volunteer and part-time positions. Job applicants should not include personal details such as age and marital status. Also, many countries add a photo, but this differs from how things are done in the Netherlands.

Include a list of the critical skills and attributes you brought to each of your previous jobs. Then, it is time to continue your studies, starting with your most recent institution. You might include information on any extracurricular activities as well. Moving on to some personal details like interests and pastimes is now appropriate. In the Netherlands, references are used, but they will only check that the dates are correct on your CV.

English Language Jobs in the Netherlands

It can be helpful to gain qualifications and skills in the Netherlands. Short skills courses are available to enable new arrival to add a Dutch Certification to their CVs. These can be simple Business Skills Courses in English Language or as simple as updating your Microsoft Office Skills in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Jobs

Amsterdam is the most international city in the Netherlands. It should come as no surprise that the best place to find English-speaking employment is in Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, enjoys a brisk tourist industry. Speaking English at a pub or tourist information centre is a big plus if you graduate or are a student. Of course, many small and large companies rely on foreign sales and need an English speaker, particularly a native speaker. English is the official business language of the globe, which explains the popularity of English-speaking professions in Amsterdam.

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